Race Goal: a 10% collective energy reduction over 3 years

what is race2reduce?

Managed by BOMA Toronto with funding support from Toronto Hydro, the race2reduce is a program to engage the commercial and institutional (C&I) building sectors on improving energy efficiency and operational excellence. The program aims to achieve a cumulative 10% energy savings over three years by promoting and recognizing operational excellence in Commercial Real Estate (CRE) through collaboration, innovation, and sharing of best practices.

how does it work?

Participants register their buildings and spaces and commit to improving the performance of their building. Overall we will target a 10% collective reduction but your individual target may be different.

You’ll submit your energy consumption data to the race2reduce.

  • 2017 is our onboarding year, top awards will be available 2018.
  • Buildings must be registered by August 31, 2017.
  • From 2018 on, buildings must be registered by January 31.
  • Savings are verified through the Save On Energy program. Non-incented savings will be subject to similar M+V requirements to ensure fairness

who can participate?

All landlords, property managers and eligible tenants of office and institutional buildings in the Toronto Hydro service area are eligible to participate.

why get involved?

BOMA Toronto’s race2reduce participation is a highly visible commitment to sustainability:

  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Compete in a closely matched peer group
  • Top performers receive industry-wide recognition

did you know?

In the GTA, office buildings account for:

  • 37% of electricity
  • 17% of natural gas
  • nearly 28% of GHG emissions

Savings and Rebates

get paid to optimize

race2reduce participants are encouraged to take advantage of all the financial incentives available through Toronto Hydro.

  1. Take advantage of various Save on Energy incentives that your building may be eligible for
  2. race2reduce participants should enroll in Save on Energy in order for savings to be counted towards their race reduction.
  3. Savings from non-incented measures must be verifiable before it can be counted towards the race performance.


Award categories include: Participation, Multi-building landlord/property manager, Multi-location tenant, Performance and Innovation.

Winners will be announced at the race2reduce Awards and Celebrations annually.

Reductions are based on verified savings.

The 2017 awards will celebrate participant commitments.

BOMA Toronto’s race2REDUCE is modeled after CivicAction’s Race to Reduce (2011 – 2014). To learn more visit civicaction.ca.